updating oE db_fetch_record


include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public function db_fetch_record(object key, object table_name = current_table_name) 

returns the data for the record with supplied key.

  1. key : the identifier of the record to be looked up.
  2. table_name : optional name of table to find key in

An integer,

  • If less than zero, the record was not found. The returned integer is the opposite of what the record number would have been, had the record been found.
  • If equal to zero, an error occured. A sequence, the data for the record.

If the current table is not defined, it returns 0.


Each record in a Euphoria database consists of a key portion and a data portion. Each of these can be any Euphoria atom or sequence.


This function does not support records that data consists of a single non-sequence value. In those cases you will need to use db_find_key and db_record_data.

Example 1:
printf(1, "The record['%s'] has data value:\n", {"foo"}) 
? db_fetch_record("foo") 
See Also:

db_find_key, db_record_data

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