updating oE db_create_table


include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public function db_create_table(sequence name, integer init_records = DEF_INIT_RECORDS) 

creates a new table within the current database.

  1. name : a sequence, the name of the new table.
  2. init_records : The number of records to initially reserve space for. (Default is 50)

An integer, either DB_OK on success or DB_EXISTS_ALREADY on failure.


An error occurs if the current database is not defined.

  • The supplied name must not exist already on the current database.
  • The table that you create will initially have zero records. However it will reserve some space for a number of records, which will improve the initial data load for the table.
  • It becomes the current table.
Example 1:
if db_create_table("my_new_table") != DB_OK then 
    puts(2, "Could not create my_new_table!\n") 
end if 
See Also:

db_select_table, db_table_list

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