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to files. The console will disappear when your program finishes execution, or via a call to free_console.

If you don't want a console to appear, it might help to put the following statements at the top of your Euphoria program:

-- Now, when there is input or output to the console we will get an error 
-- and see in which line number this happens.  

Now with these lines the interpreter is forced to give you a runtime error, report where in the program the standard input or output is used. It can be hard to find the offending I/O statement in programs that contain many commented out or debug mode only console I/O statements.

If you actually *want* to use the console, and there is something on the console that you want your user to read, you should prompt them and wait for his input before terminating. To prevent the console from quickly disappearing you might include a statement such as:

include std/console.e 
any_key("Press any key to close this Window") 

which will wait for the user enters something.

If you want to run an interpreted Euphoria program to use the current console use eui.exe but if you want it to create a new console window use euiw.exe.

Programs translated by the translator for this platform will also pop up a new console whenever input is asked for our output is sent to the screen unless you specify the -CON option.

When running an interpreter or translator for the Windows platform, platform returns WINDOWS and a parsetime branch (with ifdef/end ifdef) with WINDOWS will be followed.

In order to use sockets you must have Windows 2000 Professional or later. In order for the the routines has_console and maybe_any_key to have useful behavior you must have Windows XP or later.

High-Level Windows Programming

Thanks to David Cuny, Derek Parnell, Judith Evans and many others, there's a package called Win32Lib that you can use to develop Windows GUI applications in Euphoria. It's remarkably easy to learn and use, and comes with good documentation and many small example programs.

If you have a SVN client, you can get a Euphoria version 4.0-compatible Win32lib at:


Get version 68.

There is also an IDE, by Judith Evans for use with Win32lib. https://euvide.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/euvide.

Matt Lewis has developed a wrapper for the wxWidgets library for Euphoria: wxEuphoria. It is cross-platform.

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