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This product is free and open source, and has benefited from the contributions of many people. You have complete royalty-free rights to distribute any Euphoria programs that you develop. You are also free to distribute the interpreter, backend and even translator. You can shroud or bind your program and distribute the resulting files royalty-free.

You may incorporate any Euphoria source files from this package into your program, either "as is" or with your modifications. (You will probably need at least a few of the standard euphoria\include files in any large program).

We would appreciate it if you told people that your program was developed using Euphoria, and gave them the address: http://www.openeuphoria.org/ of our Web page, but we do not require any such acknowledgment.

Icon files, such as euphoria.ico in euphoria\bin, may be distributed with or without your changes.

The high-speed version of the Euphoria Interpreter back-end is written in ANSI C, and can be compiled with many different C compilers. The complete source code is in euphoria\source, along with execute.e, the alternate, Euphoria-coded back-end. The generous Open Source License allows both personal and commercial use, and unlike many other open source licenses, your changes do not have to be made open source.

Some additional 3rd-party legal restrictions might apply when you use the Euphoria To C Translator.

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