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that only the default library is supplied. Use the -lib {library} option:

euc -lib decu.a myapp.ex 

-lib-pic - User defined library for PIC mode

Some platforms and architectures (e.g., x86-64) require that shared libraries be built in Position Independent Code mode, which requires that the euphoria run time library also be built with PIC. This option is similar to the -lib - User defined library option, except that it specifies the library to use for PIC code:

euc -lib-pic euso.a myapp.ex 

-makefile / -makefile-partial - Using makefiles

You can optionally have the translator create a makefile that you can use to build your program instead of building directly. Using a makefile like this can be convenient if you want or need to alter the translated C code, or change compiling or linking options before building your program. To do so:

$ euc -makefile myapp.ex 
Translating code, pass: 1 2 3 4  generating 
3.c files were created. 
To build your project, type make -f myapp.mak 

Then, as the message indicates, simply type:

$ make -f myapp.mak 

On Windows, when using Watcom, the message will refer to wmake, the Watcom version of make. On BSD platforms, you may need to use gmake, as the generated makefiles are in GNU format, not BSD.

You can also get a partial makefile using the -makefile-partial switch. This generates a makefile that you can use to include into another makefile for a larger project. This is useful for including the file dependencies for your code into the larger project.

-maxsize NUMBER

Specifies the maximum number of C statements to go into a single file before the translated file is split into multiple C files.

-plat - Set platform

The translator has the capability of translating Euphoria code to C code for a platform other than the host platform. This can be done with the -plat option. It takes one parameter, the platform code:

  • OSX

Use one of these options to translate code into C for the specified platform. The default will always be the host platform of the translator that is executed, so euc.exe will default to Windows, and euc will default to the platform upon which it was built.

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