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does not increase.

By taking more samples you can get more accurate results. However, one situation to watch out for is the case where a program synchronizes itself to the clock interrupt, by waiting for time to advance. The statements executed just after the point where the clock advances might never be sampled, which could give you a very distorted picture. e.g.

while time() < LIMIT do 
end while 
x += 1 -- This statement will never be sampled 

Sometimes you will see a significant percentage beside a return statement. This is usually due to time spent deallocating storage for temporary and private variables used within the routine. Significant storage deallocation time can also occur when you assign a new value to a large sequence.

If disk swapping starts to happen, you may see large times attributed to statements that need to access the swap file, such as statements that access elements of a large swapped-out sequence.

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