Original date:2022-07-29 09:45:31 Edited by: achury Subject: Re: Why do People Use Euphoria?

I use because is small and simple.

I am not a professional programmer. Eu is great my hobbies and small projects.

If you think that the people like me is the real target for the language, there are some things that people like me is missing:

1- The Archive: I know that exist github, but to have all the updates, example codes and libraries on one single place, is priceless. And is nice to be proud of publish your small programs there, give you the nice feel that you are really part of the community. I really miss that the archive.

2- Marketplace: I know how to download and install euphoria. But many people don't. We really need euphoria to be included on microsoft market place, so windows users can easily download and use. Also mainstream consumer feels that all the programs out of the marketplace are suspicious.

3- Mobile version: Would be really nice to run eu programs on cell phones or tablets. Check X11-BASIC, you can run simple BASIC programs on android devices.


Marco Achury

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