Original date:2022-06-17 23:45:02 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: Eu 4.2.0 Beta?

I see this thread has become somewhat long and has led to discussion, but this I like. I agree that Euphoria having more features like Python or Java would be great. I also agree with Greg that Java sucks. I mean yes it is popular, but I'd rather program in C-Sharp then Java if it came down to it. Honestly I'd write/program in Euphoria for all my needs and wants if it were completly feasible. I'd love to make money writing code in Euphoria. Getting a little off-track here. I've used both Python and Java and I don't really care for them. There's a whole list I could go on aqbout Java. However with Python, its that it uses whitespace to indiate when a if-statement begins and ends. That I'm not a fan of. I'd rather have brackets or

 if then 
  end if 

Like Euphoria does.

I also think a "for-each" like C-Sharp has would be great. But of course the struct feature is what I'm really looking forward to in Eu 4.2.0! The other new features that Greg has been working on also sound promising. I hadn't thought about classes being added to Euphoria, but I guess it would help Euphoria stand out. I think struct would be similar to classes, but I think structs are easier than classes. I also think that once Eu 4.2.0 releases and has the struct feature, it would be easier to make wrappers. I've also been thinking of making a new GUI/Widge toolkit or expanding upon Win32lib. Windows has changed a lot since the last actual release of Win32lib.

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