Original date:2021-09-01 12:21:38 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Is anyone interested in Phix to C (I am not really that keen, but will help)

It is probably fairly straightforward to enhance the p2js program to emit C.
It would of course take a few months, and need someone else to lead it.

The basic process would be:

for day=start to whenever do 
    take_some_simple_example()  -- `puts(1,"Hello C")` might be a good start 
    manually_edit_test_dot_htm_to_test_dot_c()  -- until it works 
    modify_p2js_as_needed()                     -- this is where I can help 
end for 

Obviuously you replace the html with whatever #include-type-stuff is needed,
the replacement p2c.c instead of p2js.js being entirely someone else's burden,
and aim for small mechanical changes to the JavaScript that was emitted.

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