Original date:2021-08-24 19:31:41 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: Orx Wrapper Hurdles

ghaberek said...
Icy_Viking said...

Here's what I have so far. Note that orxASSERT is not wrapped yet,

I've developed a few tricks when making Euphoria MVC's logging library that can contribute which should very similar behavior to how these debug macros work in Orx.

Icy_Viking said...

orxDefaultEventHandler and orxEventPayloadSize are structs, so I haven't got around to wrapping/converting to them to Eu code yet.

I haven't looked, but if there aren't too many structs in Orx then wrapping them the traditional way (a bunch of constants of field offsets) should be fine.

But if Orx makes heavy use of structs then using the new memstruct feature should prove helpful here. I'm getting pretty close on having a full build ready for 4.2. (Although that might still be "months" close not "days" close.)

Icy_Viking said...

I guess I could release what I have wrapped so far and EuOrx can be a Euphoria community project kinda similar to how Win32lib was. Not sure how many would be interested in helping though.

I would be happy to contribute. I already started exploring and semi-wrapping Orx to get a feel for how the library comes together. I can contribute the work I've done so far if you to share access to your repo.


That sounds great Greg! Also, excited to hear that Eu 4.2 is coming along nicely. Hopefully it will release before the end of this year. There's a handful of structs and unions in Orx, but it might be possible to convert them into Eu code using constants and such. I have started a repo for Orx on my current wrapper. So far left to do is finish wrapping the flags and functions from The I/O section of the game engine, starting with the file functions. I have commented in the code. I of course will be continung to work on this in the meantime. Anyone else who would like to help, please contact or say something in this thread. Let me know what section of the wrapper you'd like to work on and such.

The memstruct feature will help a ton when writing wrappers! I really hope you will be able to get it out before the end of this year.

What I do is go into the Orx help files and find the .h file for what I need to wrap and wrap the functions going down the .h file. For example I'd go into orxFile.h to continue wrapping the file functions for Orx. And then go from there. - Repo

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