Original date:2021-08-06 23:33:12 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: Raspberry Pi temperature sensors

It's hard to reply to every comment, so i'll just summarize my thoughts.

There's nothing wrong with using shell scripts, especially on linux, where you can do almost anything at the command line. But, writing a euphoria program to do system calls to run the same commands is useful, because you can feed the output string into a sequence and do stuff with it in a euphoria way. I actually use a bash script to start a euphoria program to run shell scripts, with pipes to get the results. It works great.

Status update: I have a program on the Raspberry Pi that starts automatically on boot (a cron job) which sets up the 1-wire protocol on one of the GPIO pins, then runs continuously to read the temperature sensors and write the results to a log file in JSON format every 1 minute. Everything is on a shared folder (using Samba), so, i have a program running on my Windows desktop using redylib that reads the log files on the shared folder and displays status with a GUI. It's working great so far, but it still needs some polishing.

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