Original date:2021-08-04 00:06:23 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Euphoria 32 & 64 Bits

Icy_Viking said...

Is there a way to set Euphoria up so that it can run 32-bit programs and 64-bit programs? DLLs that use fastcall won't run in 32-bit Eu, but they will run in 64-bit. So is there a easy way to set this up?

I think the "easist" method would be to put the 32-bit binaries in C:\Euphoria\bin32 and 64-bit binaries in C:\Euphoria\bin64, rename all of the executables to "eui32.exe" or "eui64.exe respectively.

Then put both paths in your PATH (I'd put bin64 first) and then remove the original C:\Euphoria\bin. And don't forget to update the contents of eu.cfg in each new "bin" directory as well.

Icy_Viking said...

I think Euphoria would benefit from having a 32-bit and 64-bit interprer in one package. Mostly though the 64-bit version is what I need for when DLLs use the FastCALL convention. I guess I could edit the C source code and change it to cdecl or something, but that would be even more work. I guess it could possibly be worth it in the end. Maybe Greg will have some info?

I assume we're talking about Orx here? I haven't tried compiling it yet (which uses Rebol and Premake) but hypothetically, you should just have to update the orxFASTCALL macro in orxDecl.h.

Since it's ifdef'd, you may even be able to override it on the command line, like make orxFASTCALL= without having to edit the header files directly.


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