Original date:2021-07-06 20:11:34 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix 1.0.0 uploaded!

mitgedanken said...

Do you plan more reflection? Ex.: namespace

Nothing planned. Reflection is quite different in JavaScript (everything stored in the "window" global) to Phix (everything stored in a symbol table),
so we could be quite limited in the things (of a reflective nature) that we can get to work equivalently on both. There is already a [slightly fudged] get_routine_info().

Should you find anything in that could be used for/as namespaces let me know (good luck with that lol).

The one thing I should focus on is a GUI. I am leaning towards pGUI but not ruling out irv's new GTK, or even a new GUI that mimics the browser box model on the desktop.
There is clearly no shortcut there, and the other bit of the puzzle is probably either mocking or even better actually running a traditional PHP/SQL backend on the desktop.

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