Original date:2021-06-20 20:26:21 Edited by: achury Subject: Running Euphoria on - Micro Tutorial

This is a simple procedure to get Euphoria running on a replit linux virtual machine. Is a great didactic resource

1- Of course you need an account at

2- Create a new replit. Select language "bash script"

3- Create a file with this content:

# Use this script to install Euphoria on your replit! 
wget ""  
tar xvzf euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x64-57179171dbed.tar.gz -C . 
rm *.tar.gz 
mv euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x64 euphoria 
cd ./euhoria/bin 
chmod +x * 
cd ../.. 

4- On the console (at rigth hand) turn executable and run your new script:

chmod +x 

5- Euphoria is already installed. Sometimes I get an error in the last line of the script, appear to be because internal delay updating replit folders... But I did several tests and worked!

6- Create an Eu test program. I simply made main.ex with:

puts(1,"Euphoria running here...\n") 

7- Remember to made you euphoria program executable on the console execute:

chmod +x main.ex 

8- Now you can launch the program directly from the console using: ./main.ex

9- To launch your program using by click on the play button, edit the file, may be as simple as:


10 - Remember we have not set environmental variables, you must to use full paths to call insterpreter and includes. May be you include set PATH, EUDIR and EUINCLUDE on the script...


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