Original date:2021-03-24 17:27:39 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: [OE] Built-ins machine_*

mitgedanken said...

Why are functions and procedures which use machine_* only are not buil-in?

That's a good question for which I don't have an immediate and straight-forward answer.

Doing some searching I did find this discussion: Adding a Builtin to EUPHORIA

I'd have to say it's several different reasons:

  • Adding new built-ins requires more changes to the parser code to look for the routine name as built-ins are basically keywords.
  • Adding new machine_func/proc routines only requires adding a new ordinal number to the backend machine function.
  • Rob Craig was the sole developer for Euphoria and may have made decisions only he needed to understand.
  • Decisions may have been made in the past for legacy reasons that are no longer relevant, like DOS support.


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