Original date:2021-02-21 18:37:10 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: [phix] if 'number' then why not 'list' ?

irv said...

What is {1,2,3.14} ? (a container containing a sequence of 3 numbers)
What is {"Hello",{1,2,3}} ? (a container containing 1 string and 1 sequence of 3 numbers)

Minor nit-pick: assuming that 'a' and '1' mean the same thing, only one of those can be correct, and I think it's the 2nd.
Minor nit-pick number two: does that mean we now have to describe container and sequence?
Minor nit-pick number three: the phrases "sequence contains" and "sequence containing" work for me, "container contains" and "container containing" not so much.
Minor nit-pick number four: I suspect you'd have to define "container" with just as much care as "sequence"

Now over 20 years ago, Rob Craig said:
"sequences make Euphoria very simple and very powerful"
"Sequences are it - there are no other data structures to learn."

If you try and use a word that someone likely has preconceptions about, such as list or array, that loses it's punch, and pretty much stops making any sense altogether.

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