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irv said...

Q: How can I just delete a listing from pcan?

Example: links to very old versions of EuGTK - there is no reason anyone would want to use old buggy versions, and links are bad, some of those ISP's have long ago gone out of business.

In some cases it might be better to mark the entry as [[!superceded]] and link to the latest version, to avoid older links (to pcan) such as those on this forum going dead.
Likewise when a page on pcan contains a dead link it is usually better just to mark it as such, say old link: [@[[]]@], and [[!superceded]] or [[!broken]]
Note that in the past I have encountered dead links on pcan, asked here, and been pleasantly surprised and delighted to have been furnished with replacements from people's private copies.
In other cases it is totally acceptable to simply replace the entire page contents, especially if you are the original author.

Obviously if you blank out or vandalise a page, it is part of wiki-culture that any other average user can restore it. True deletion is admin-only.

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