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katsmeow said...

I was going to speechify about why the newer languages attract money vs OE, like was it their lack of desireable features vs OE's lack of desireable features? No...... but i'll leave it up to you to remember why OE lacks the features which mainstream programmers seem to want.

This statement indicates to me that you think the current lack of progress is due to some unwillingness by one or more people to actually implement features. You know that's not true, right?

Sure, when Rob was running the language he was stringent about what things he implemented and where he put his time and effort. And that was his prerogative; he was selling Euphoria as a commercial product and it was his product to do with as he intended, for better or worse.

But this, the OpenEuphoria Group, it's what we have now (or what little of it is left) and this has never been about that. Sure, I think we need to be critical about what things we add, and in some cases we may have been too critical or maybe not critical enough. But any progress this group has made in the past thirteen years has been the result of individuals with no commercial interest in the project contributing the things they wanted to see implemented by virtue of their own time and effort.

Simply put: OpenEuphoria lacks mainstream features because no one has taken the time to implement them. That's all there is to it.


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