Original date:2021-02-15 06:59:20 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Oddities in pipeio

std/pipeio.e is a Euphoria file, not Phix. The std/ directory is shipped with Phix in the hope some things might be useful, in this case not [1].

Instead, on Phix, take a look at demo\capture_console.exw - messy and incomplete and undocumented, but I just tried "dir" and it worked fine (on Windows 10 anyway).

Continue this discussion here, and I'll work with you to get these things properly documented and into /builtins where they belong.

Note that create_pipe(), close_handle() and the like are intended to become global whereas WriteToPipe(), ReadFromPipe() and other camelcase routines are intended to remain private/internal.

[1] Very few ever are. There's a "*NOT PHIX COMPATIBLE!*" thing at the top of std/map.e, quite probably there should be one at the top of std/pipeio.e as well.

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