Original date:2021-02-07 10:29:29 Edited by: kinz Subject: Re: Phix 0.8.3 uploaded

petelomax said...
kinz said...

What of these above you can recommend to try Phix?

Not the Packard Bell oneTwo L5351, someone told me it doesn't work on that.

kinz said...

So, Phix is self hosted, but needs for now some low level debuggers just to run it on my machine (oneTwo L5351) ?

I bought some ready-to-eat custard the other day. When I got home, I was horrified to find out it needed a can opener, a pan, a hob, a bowl, and a spoon.

Thanks, Pete...
But my antiviruses (Avira+Windows) seem to be very aggressive to
pw.exe, so, on Lenovo Ideapad with Windows 10 I can not run Phix.

What to do?



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