Original date:2021-02-02 09:28:29 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: Message-passing via local ports

Last year I posted a question about the potential in OE/Phix for implementing a message-passing framework and 'actor' objects (see Since I got a mixed response, I have been rethinking the question and I came to the conclusion that it's not really necessary to implement a message-passing framework as such (as outlined in the original post), i.e. running as one program. A microservices-type architecture may also be used instead, with each object running as an autonomous program, in its own thread. This approach would eliminate the need for an overarching unified framework (i.e. a single program) to manage and supervise the actor objects. Objects would pass messages to one other via local ports (localhost:portnumber).

I would like to get some feedback from you guys regarding the feasibility of this approach. I would be using Phix. In particular, do you expect any difficulties with having different programs exchange messages via local ports?

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