Original date:2021-02-01 09:20:02 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: sh: 1: /media/mycomputer/Seagate: not found

petelomax said...

When t46ltype.exw failed, did you grab the latest (or delete the contents, or comment out line 296 of p.exw) and run the rest of the tests?

I completely deleted all phix, and installed the complete package from the website. That line was already commented out. Just did a p -cp, and running p -test now reports:

Testing[59]: /home/irv/phix/test/t64struct.exw 
attempt to divide by 0 
Global & Local Variables 
--> see /home/irv/phix/test/ex.err 
Press Enter... 

One of the things I was looking forward to doing after this Covid thing is over was going back to the barber shop and having a nice young lady cut my hair.

If this keeps up, I won't have any hair left to cut.

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