Original date:2021-01-31 14:37:58 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: sh: 1: /media/mycomputer/Seagate: not found

I guess I still misunderstand what is going on.

  • I wiped all traces of Phix from my computer.
  • ran the Linux 64-bit install script (installing from the web to /home/irv/phix)
  • tests passed (with a note which Pete says we can safely ignore)
  • $ Overwriting p...
? "Hello World" -- this is my program, saved in /home/irv/phix as hello.ex 

irv@irv-Mint19:~$ cd /phix 
irv@irv-Mint19:~/phix$ p 
Phix hybrid interpreter/compiler. 
Version 0.8.2 (64 bit Linux) Copyright Pete Lomax 2006..2016 
Enter ? for options or filename to execute: hello 
"Hello World" 

All good, except one might quibble about repeating the program name before activating it.

Now to try:

  • ./p64 hello => bash: ./p64: No such file or directory

I don't understand why or how ./p64.exu could work to run anything, it's just two lines.

format ELF64 
include p.exw 

As far as I can tell, there is no p64 that is executable and no need to rename anything.

Let's clear that up before I tell you the really bad news.

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