Original date:2021-01-30 14:53:57 Edited by: petelomax Subject: sh: 1: /media/mycomputer/Seagate: not found

Forked from Re: [phix] what is a hybrid interpreter compiler?

_tom said...

p hello.exw 

Runs as expected.

$ p -c hello.exw 
sh: 1: /media/mycomputer/Seagate: not found 

It compiles but does not also run.

I keep my work on an external USB drive. Looks like some Linux security is keeping the ''hello'' from running.

From the internal hard-drive, this all works as advertised.

Not sure I can help much
Can you manually run the hello executable on the USB drive after the not found message?
On Windows I'd suggest ProcMon, but don't even know what the equivalent is called on Linux, though I did once run it, maybe 3 or 4 years ago.
You might be better off raising this on StackOverflow, or if you prefer I could do that for you [but I'd need OS and hardware info].

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