Original date:2021-01-27 20:32:24 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Is Phix the new de facto standard for Eu programmers?

ghaberek said...

It hurts to think about this but this is something I think we need to face and to discuss.

Indeed. We are fighting a downhill battle, and somehow still losing. In my mind there is one, and only one, gigantic stumbling block: running Euphoria/Phix in a browser, with a reasonable gui and some kind of file/database support. I am completely and utterly lost regarding the latter, perhaps wrongly I suspect you might think that is perhaps the easiest part?

Edit: ah, of course, I get it now, this would do it:

ghaberek said...

the uncanny valley for me. It closely resembles what I think Euphoria should be but at the same time it feels strange and foreign somehow.

Absolutely. The world needs less people who run to their divorce lawyer the moment someone they fancy moves in next door
[just to be very clear, a broken/toxic/abusive relationship is a valid reason to end a marriage, dishy new neighbour ain't].

ghaberek said...

"p-this" and "p-that"

Do you just mean an excess of files in builtins that begin with a 'p'?
That [probably] started out as a way to have (a modified copy of) Euphoria's file.e and a Phix pfile.e both in the same builtins/ directory [or include/ as it probably was back then].
Not particularly very difficult to change, or even make "include pfile.e" issue "warning: that is now called file.e" before loading the right one and carrying on.
(Worryingly, I just found out my pfactors.e was apparently last modified 12th January 1882...)

ghaberek said...

inline assembly language (it's veryveryvery hard for me to grok)

You are not alone. Do you for some strange reason think that I find it easy? pHeap.e is a monster and I dread ever having to go back there...

ghaberek said...

black magic of automatic includes

Rhetorical riposte, which is weirder: (a) the strange shop where the staff somehow know the specific shelf on which the stuff they sell is suitably stacked, or, (b) the shocked shopper?

ghaberek said...

the whole Phix website is hard to navigate

Working on wp made me realise for the first time just how truly awful the website really is. Suggestions and/or complaints warmly welcome.

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