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Tom said...

1) The Phix design is "keep what you have learned."
2) orthoganality--to
3) A major additon of structs and classes permits object-oriented programming, (Phix 0.8.1 March 2020).
4) Phix is available for Linux and Windows platforms and in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
5) ... the Phix & operator ... and the + operator ...
6) ... argument are passing by-value ...
7) Explicitly tagged ends ("if ... then ... end if") maybe verbose ...
8) The syntax is freeform';
9a) For these reasons, Phix uses 1-based indexing, similar to Julia[14]
9b) states "...we do not (and cannot) have solutions to every task in every language."
10) Phix does not (although most can be emulated) directly support

1) period in wrong place.
2a) orthoganality -- to
2b) orthoganality ... to
3) no need for the comma, and you have space to spell out "structures"
4) comma after "platforms"
5a) the italics as a means of making an object "stand out" doesn't seem to be working for & or +
5b) the '&' is also tricky to show on a webpage, based on charset in use, vs Fixedsys in a text editor.
6) "passing" vs "passed" ?
7) "may be"
8) why is there an apostrophe?
9) Sentences end with periods.
10) awkward! put the (...) somewhere closer to, and after, what it pertains to.

I hope i have not blown my grammar privileges away. I understand what you have posted here is temporary, and will be revised.


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