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as clone of Euphoria, but written in assembly language. Phix is self-hosting and can re-compile itself.


as a clone of Euphoria, initialy written in assembly language but now in Phix itself, ie self-hosted. To re-compile Phix from source simply run `p -cp`. No other compilers or similar tools need to be installed.


The use of explicitly tagged ends, such as "if ... then ... end if", while much more verbose than (say) "if (...) { }", catches many more errors and slip-ups, and avoids problems such as the [[Dangling_else|dangling else]].

(obviously that last link will actually link to dangling else, when the { { { } } } are removed)


Robert Craig wrote ... compilers).


Robert Craig released the first version of [[Euphoria_(programming_language)|Euphoria]] in July 1993.

(likewise Euphoria for that link, I think the full paragraph is/was too much needlessly replicated and largely irrelevant detail)

PS Please don't misinterpret all this as brow-beating, should you reject every single one of my suggestions, as is your right, I will simply live with it.

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