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_tom said...

I suggest that Pete should not be the one to submit the wikipedia article because the "COI" (conflict of interest) tag makes things difficult. Maybe if I submit your article, with an effort to make things neutral, we'll get acceptance--that puts us one "COI measure" further from direct conflict of interest.

The original draft was, almost, a direct copy of an existing wikipedia article. So yes, it should have passed. However, we must respect the reviewer.

be well

Sounds good to me.

You should probably put a notice on the talk page that you've taken over and I've agreed to go hands off (and keep any further discussion/input to this forum).

As you say, the first thing is to replace "opinions" and "sales spiel" with "neutral indisputable cold hard facts", however brutally honest they are.

I was thinking of citing the following (on the talk page) as "precedents" or "comparable references" (that is, once it is ready to be resubmitted):
(iow, the reference sections on those pages are relatively speaking pretty low-grade, yet they've been allowed)

FYI, off the back of the ycombinator discussion, I've added the following ready for the 0.8.3 docs ( )

The type "number" is a simple alias of "atom" (0.8.3+). 
There is deliberately no separate "float" type, rather 1.0 is stored as the integer 1 and that  
can be used directly in a floating point calculation without any casting or other type coercion. 
Technically there is such a thing internally, T_N, which is "fraction but not whole number",  
however were that exposed it would simply break should some result happen to be a whole integer,  
such as 1.5+1.5, so T_N is only ever used for fixed fractional values known at compile-time. 

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