Original date:2020-12-21 16:14:01 Edited by: irv Subject: Double Trouble with Phix (bug)

The code below will run on Euphoria or Phix without change. However, the results are different.

include std/dll.e  
constant GTK = open_dll("") 
 init = define_c_func(GTK,"gtk_init_check",{C_POINTER,C_POINTER},C_POINTER),   
 show_all = define_c_proc(GTK,"gtk_widget_show_all",{C_POINTER}), 
 main = define_c_proc(GTK,"gtk_main",{}), 
 add = define_c_proc(GTK,"gtk_container_add",{C_POINTER,C_POINTER}), 
 new_win = define_c_func(GTK,"gtk_window_new",{C_INT},C_POINTER), 
 new_spin = define_c_func(GTK,"gtk_spin_button_new_with_range",{C_DOUBLE,C_DOUBLE,C_DOUBLE},C_POINTER), 
 set_range = define_c_proc(GTK,"gtk_spin_button_set_range",{C_POINTER,C_DOUBLE,C_DOUBLE}) 
if init < 1 or c_func(init,{0,0})=0 then abort(1) end if  
atom win = c_func(new_win,{0}) 
atom spin = c_func(new_spin,{1,100,1}) -- range is 1..100, try it! 
c_proc(add,{win,spin})                                       --------------- 
c_proc(set_range,{spin,25,75}) -- range is now 25..75 on EU, 0..25 with phix 

Something shifty going on here. blink

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