Original date:2020-10-11 09:06:36 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Budget Builder - Euphoria display bug?

I don't find anywhere in your code where you set up an eds fatal error handler. Did I just miss that? It can be helpful to prevent doing things which can corrupt the database:

global procedure ShowError(object msg) 
end procedure 
db_fatal_id = routine_id("ShowError") -- init on startup 

Example of msg:

                                                                                    • { { 903, "no table selected", "db_table_size", {""} } }
                                                                                    • EDS Error Code 903: no table selected, from db_table_size

Obviously, you should examine the error message and decide whether it is safe to continue, or should crash the program before something worse happens - like going into a continuous loop until you run out of memory.

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