Original date:2020-09-22 13:10:40 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Promote Euphoria - MAKE A PAGE ON WIKIPEDIA

SDPringle said...

What I meant earlier by Euphoria having "pass by value semantics",

The problem is that when someone from a completely different language sees "pass by value", they may assume that passing a 1000x1000 array has to shove 4MB or 8MB on the call stack.
And if they see "pass by reference", they will assume it can be (accidentally) modified in-situ, without explicitly returning it.
So we should use "copy on write": just as fast as pass by reference, but eliminates the associated danger of accidental corruption.

SDPringle said...

We probably do have different checkout revisions of Euphoria.

That was based on recollections of my experiences of translating Eu code to Phix, but now I can't find an actual example... (felt sure there were a couple in GtkEngine.e or similar)

I take it you already know that for your last example, this would work

countries &= {"Sweden"} 
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