Original date:2020-06-01 06:35:05 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix: How to Globalize(?) a Namespace Identifier

euphoric said...

If I do this:

-- mods.e 
public include helper.e as help 

then the "help" namespace should propagate to any parent source... no?

include mods.e 

No. You are still trying to use/thinking of namespaces as global. It works the other way round, you can use help: to refer to sub-includes of helper.e (but only in mods.e, where help: is defined), or if you include mods.e as mods then mods:package() is fine even though package() is actually in the helper.e sub-include of mods.e.

Phix makes no distinction whatsoever between "include" and "public include", it quietly ignores the "public" only for compatibility with Euphoria.

Should you want to bore yourself to tears, and/or burn out a few grey cells, at the start of psym.e you can find a quite detailed essay on Phix include handling.

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