Original date:2020-03-29 21:26:58 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix 0.8.1 uploaded

Many thanks for this

lesterb said...

It's looking for win32lib7, pages of warnings about struct and class being assumed variables rather than types.
Builtin primes.e is missing
Help file shows version 0.8.0
variable SizeList has not been assigned a value.
hangman.exw doesn't run
map wrong_letters = new() ^ a class/struct type must be explicitly specified here.

I have added win32lib7 and edited 6 and 7 ready for 0.8.2 (basic stuff, eg struct=>pStruct, class=>class_id, etc).
Added primes.e
As well as updating the literal in the help file I've written extra checks to ensure it, pglobals.e, and version() all match, which should help prevent that ever happening again.
Not entirely sure about SizeList either, but adding another copy of SizeList = {} on line 555 of eafonts.e some 7 lines earlier cannot exactly hurt, so I've done that too.
The function in map.e has been renamed as new_map(). Surprisingly I couldn't find anywhere other than (the 2 in) hangman.exw that needed changing.

lesterb said...

There's also a warning at hangman line 86 about variable seq assumed to be a variable, not a type.
(same reason as above??)

Renamed as s. (Actually that's probably been there a while, seq==sequence was added in 0.7.5)

Will upload 0.8.2 if I don't get any more reports of slips in the next couple of days.


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