Original date:2020-01-19 14:27:51 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Rasberry Pi 4b eu.cfg file

I have a rasberry Pi B4.  I think I have eu.cfg file value assignments right except for:\\ 
-d E64 ?? 
-arch ARMv6-hardfloat  ?? 
-d E64 
-eudir /home/pi/euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat 
-i /home/pi/euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat/include 
-arch ix86_64 
-com /home/pi/euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat 
-lib-pic /home/pi/euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat/bin/euso.a 
-lib /home/pi/euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat/bin/eu.a 
-eub /home/pi/euphoria-4.1.0-ARMv6-hardfloat/bin/eub 

Any examples of a working eu.cfg file for the Raspberry Pi will be appreciated...

Thanks, Ken

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