Original date:2019-11-21 23:55:46 Edited by: bruce_axtens Subject: Re: Why doesn't the db grow?

Okay so here we are a few days later. The program has been running 24 hours a day. I have a little program to dump the contents of the database. When I run that program I get

C:\SCRATCH>eui foo.ex bofls.edb 
C:\Euphoria\include\std\eds.e:1535 in function db_select_table() 
subscript value 171210 is out of bounds, assigning to a sequence of length 171209 - in subscript #1 of 'key_pointers' 
... called from C:\SCRATCH\foo.ex:31 
--> See ex.err 
Press Enter... 
And the code for that is

include std/eds.e 
with trace  
integer tries = 0 
object cmd = command_line() 
	if (length(cmd) < 2) then 
	end if 
    integer err = db_open(cmd[3], DB_LOCK_SHARED) 
    if err != DB_OK then 
    end if 
--if db_select("iptable") != DB_OK then 
--    puts(2, "Could not select iptable database\n") 
--end if 
sequence names = db_table_list() 
for i = 1 to length(names) do 
    puts(1, names[i] & '\n') 
end for 
--if db_select("ip") != DB_OK then 
--    puts(2, "Could not select ip\n") 
--end if 
if db_select_table("ip") != DB_OK then 
    puts(2, "Couldn't find ip table!\n") 
end if 
for i = 1 to db_table_size() do 
	puts(1, db_record_data(i) & '\t' & db_record_key(i) & '\n') 
    --if db_record_key(i) = DB_OK then 
    --	puts(1, "0 key found\n") 
    --	exit 
    --end if 
end for 

Am I hitting a hard limit in EDB files?

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