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Icy_Viking said...

Well I was able to get it to delete one item at a time. However I must be doing something a little wrong since I can't get it to delete a selected item, or it crashes.

procedure Remove_Game(integer self, integer event, sequence parm) 
	for i = 1 to length(Game_List) do 
	end for 
end procedure 

getIndex() returns the index number(s) of the item(s) selected. You have to save that, and then delete the item or items, one at a time. Whether the index is an integer or a sequence of integers, depends upon which control is being used and whether single or multi-select is being done.

procedure Remove_Game(integer self, integer event, sequence parm) 
object index = getIndex(Game_List) 
       ? index -- put this here for a peek at what is being returned 
       if atom(index) and index > 0 then -- an item was selected, so... 
       else -- multiple items were selected, so... 
         for i = 1 to length(index) do -- process each item 
         end for 
       end if 
end procedure 

From the Win32 docs:

getIndex ( list )  
Get the index of the selected item(s), or cursor position in an edit control. 
Returns: INTEGER: Index of selected item, or zero if no item is selected. 
Category: List Control 
For ListView and TreeView, this returns a sequence of all selected items. 
For MleEdit, EditText and RichEdit, this returns the cursor position. 
For List, this returns the index of the currently selected item. 

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