Original date:2019-10-12 08:31:42 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix docs wiki

_tom said...

Wanted: a complete set of wiki pages in "PmWiki" text format, that I can examine, comment on, and then submit to you as a complete collection. You then do a "diff" and see the comments.

Hang on a moment...

_tom said...

I want to be able to work offline.

Ah. Forget the wiki, there is a much easier way, basically do what I do:

First: move the docs/phix/images directory into docs/phix/html (you may need to copy a few other files such as Combined.css, Common.js and header_01/2.jpg) and then run docs/phix/makephix.exw
You should now be able to view docs/phix/html/phix.htm locally.

Then: Edit docs/phix/src/xxx.htm and run makephix, to regenerate docs/phix/html (true, on windows it also creates phix.chm, but no need to care about that).
Then send me the zip/diff of docs/phix/src... or better yet upload somewhere and just send me the link.

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