Original date:2019-09-24 09:37:51 Edited by: bruce_axtens Subject: Exercism and getting Euphoria known

So for the last few weeks I've been hanging out at Exercism which, according to its about page is, in part,

... an online platform designed to help you improve your coding skills through practice and mentorship. 
Exercism provides you with thousands of exercises spread across numerous language tracks. Once you start a language track you are presented with a core set of exercises to complete. Each one is a fun and interesting challenge designed to teach you a little more about the features of a language. 

So they have some 50 languages on offer, along with a well thought-out workflow for adding new languages and for mentoring new programmers. I'm currently working my way through 12 languages (ADD rules!) Some are new to me and some aren't.

What'd be really cool is for Euphoria to be one of those languages. Okay, so no one here has a ton of time and it'll take some months to get everything in place. But hey, it would raise the profile (or is it the spectre) of Euphoria and that would be a good thing.

Just a thought.


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