Original date:2019-09-24 09:37:31 Edited by: _tom Subject: Re: [docs] See the changes for 23Sep2019

ChrisB said...


So is it ok to edit these examples so that a copy paste actually produces a working example (where possible)?



Please do so.

I strongly believe that all examples must run. The output should be shown. I use --> to show the output on the next line.

For a built-in:

puts(1, "hello") 
--> hello 

For a std/lib:

include std/console.e 
display( "hello" ) 
--> hello 

If you must provide a code snippet, make it clear it is incomplete:

-- ...  
atom fn = open( "data.txt" ) 
? results 
-- ... 

(Not sure if ... is the best visual clue; use something like it.)


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