Original date:2019-09-07 23:35:51 Edited by: euphoric Subject: Re: Another question re documentation style

You might could make this one minor change for technical correctness*:

irv said...

Let's do it right:

include std/datetime.e 
-- object dt = now()  
datetime dt = now() 
? dt -- display the results 



And that, friends, is why locking the documentation into source code where it can't be changed is a bad idea.

We need some way to keep docs in the source, just for the fact that the source programmers have the best insight; maybe we could just output an outline so that the documentation managers can make sure they cover every base. We could also make a provision, at least for the online docs, to have comments. These could then be incorporated into the docs and marked appropriately (maybe allow ticket creation straight from the docs pages?).

* which, I've heard, is the best kind of correctness. grin

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