Original date:2019-09-06 09:52:37 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Fatal error when attempting to execute bear.ex from the EuGtk package

Thanks! It's rare that anyone takes the trouble to report things like this.

As for posting the ex.err - it's rarely needed or helpful. the line:
... called from /opt/languages/euphoria/gtk/current/bear/bear_prefs.e:12

tells us what's wrong and where (but not how to fix it).

It would appear that EuGTK is unable to create a SourceStyleSchemeManager, or perhaps there are no style schemes found. Replace the code with the following, and see what happens:

constant style_scheme_mgr = create(GtkSourceStyleSchemeManager,"name=StyleMan")  
sequence style_scheme_ids = "" 
if style_scheme_mgr > 0 then -- avoid a crash if null. 
   style_scheme_ids = get(style_scheme_mgr,"scheme ids") 
end if 
object style_scheme 

If you do this, bear should run, and if you see no options in Preferences/Syntax Styles, then perhaps no gedit syntax styles were installed, See the demos/resources/gedit_syntax folder for these, and installation instructions.

Several different editors use these styles, but there are two different places they are installed:
For gedit, pluma, and similar editors which use GTK2, they are in /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0...

Whereas for other editors, such as Xed, the Gtk3 Sourceview (used by the Bear), etc. they are in /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0...

If the latter doesn't exist, then you could try to set it up manually, or just install xed or one of the other GTK3 based text editors, which will do the required setup for you.

Hopefully that helps. I appreciate the assistance with the other items, and will try to find a more generic way to locate ifconfig, etc. I'm counting on ifconfig being available on all Linux platforms, but is that a safe assumption?

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