Original date:2019-08-27 11:49:17 Edited by: Bhupen1277 Subject: Re: Getting to a release, an interim update, and why this is so hard

irv said...

I'm in partial agreement about the multiple includes, but I don't see how bundling them all into 4 or 5 bigger includes is going to help anything. It would use more memory on those Pi's, and slow down compiling, so that would be counter productive. In addition, it would make the work of maintaining them more difficult.

As developers many of you (pardon me) are too concerned about the time it takes for compiling. Ultimately, it is the finished application e.g. "a payroll system" written in Euphoria, compiled and presented to the business community as an "executable" for doing their payroll every week. It is that time that matters , NOT your time in waiting for the compiler to finish compiling.

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