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ghaberek said...

Sigh. So. I've been toiling away at this a lot lately. Figured it was time for an update. Here's what I've got so far.

I've now set up a variety of platforms for building for testing. I have Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X all in various stages of "working" builds.

I am considering retroactively stabilizing 4.1.0 as of the beta 2 release on 02-02-2015 and just moving forward with a 4.2 release instead.

In my testing so far, I've merged Matt's memstruct branch and my jsmn and uuid branches, and I've updated PCRE and jsmn to the latest releases.

There are a few other things I'd like to get implemented as well, like std/net/http.e using WinInet or cURL so it can support native HTTPS.

What I could really use is a thorough review of the documentation. I need somebody to go through docs
and include and look for anything out of place.

I just want everyone to know I'm working on this, but it's hard and there is a lot involved and it's mostly these little details that take up so much time.

Keep in mind I'm also still working on Euphoria MVC and a rewrite of the website at the same time. The two projects provide some relief from each other.


We have (had) a good version 4.5 or 4.6 a purely function programming language. What was needed was very accurate connections and wrappers to various dlls in C and keeping them current. There was and is no need for OOP. I will draw your attention to these articles.
What is needed is consolidating many includes into single includes and just have 4-8 includes. They were originally designed for lower strength and lower memory computers, and have no real validly in the modern computers with Windows 10 and similar powerful Linux distros. The whole world has also moved towards the Android operating system. Why not concentrate on Androids as well? Outside of North America and Europe, there is a whole world of poorer people who have taken to the Raspberry PI and similar. For example, the Pi is used for teaching primary and secondary school students in Kerala (population 35 million)

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