Original date:2019-07-30 20:33:47 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: RedyCode 1.0.0 released!

ChrisB said...

Top button bar needs a run button. I see that a button is available underneath Projects - however this does not change when clicking on other editing tabs.
If its a console program, it must not self close, you 'press any key to exit' - or add a hint to add it to the program itself.
... If you open several programs to show up in the tabbed edit window, then only the first program is run, no matter which tab is highlighted and which program is shown in the edit window. The expected behaviour should be to run the highlighted program.

Also even when you close the tab, and the program is no longer shown (or loaded one would think) running the program (run -> euphoria default) - the closed program is the one that runs.

However double clicking a program in the program lists loads the program into the editor, and then runs it - but still the first program loaded is the one that is run when you do run -> euphoria default. ... I want to close a tab by right clicking on itm and choosing from some options. I see that double clicking on a tab closes it - could you add a small 'X' to the tab to allow closing?

You are right, there should be a "run current file" action, and more features on the tabs, but it was getting complicated trying to implement that, because the tabs widget class is incomplete. So, I made a compromise and just put "Run Program" in the Project Tree context menu. By default, it assumes you want to run the main program of the project.

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