Original date:2019-07-21 17:35:19 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: raylibshim - A shim library for Euphoria and Raylib

Maccuq said...
sequence texture_info = {3,150,150,1,0} -- Have you tried to change the first element of the sequence to 3?? 

{x,150,150,1,0} where x:

1 = placeholder

2 = defalut font texture

3 = your texture 1 ("raylib_logo.png")

5 = your texture n

Thanks for the tips. After playing around, I got it!

without warning 
include std/machine.e 
include std/convert.e 
include Euraylib.ew 
--include raylibshim.e 
constant width = 800 
constant height = 450 
atom black = bytes_to_int({0,0,0,0}) 
atom white = bytes_to_int({255,255,255,255}) 
atom yello = bytes_to_int({255,255,0,255}) 
atom blue = bytes_to_int({0,0,255,255}) 
InitWindow(width,height,"Simple Texture") 
while not WindowShouldClose() do 
	ClearBackground(blue) --changed background to blue 
	DrawText("This is Texture",1,1,20,yello) 
    gLoadTexture("raylib_logo.png")  --changed to gLoadTexture from gLoadTextureFromImage 
    sequence texture_info = {3,256,256,0,0} --3 made the image appear 
	DrawTexture(texture_info,10, 50,white) --changed location of where image appears ons creen (the image is 256 x 256 in width & height) 
end while 
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