Original date:2019-07-20 14:46:59 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: raylibshim - A shim library for Euphoria and Raylib

Thanks Greg, this will come in handy. I know some C and C++ programming. So it shouldn't be too hard to deal with.

EDIT: OK, I was able to incorpate rayshimlib.c into the raylib visual studio project file and build it from there. After checking the raylib.DLL, I noticed that the shim functions are inside of the DLL, so they can be loaded. I had to do a little reworking with the Euraylib.ew file, but I got it to work!

--Had to change a couple function names, but it works. I'll add the rest of the functions soon.  
--Maybe I have to rework this a little?  
public constant xDrawTexture = define_c_proc(ray,"+DrawTexture",{C_POINTER,C_INT,C_INT,C_UINT,C_UINT,C_UINT,C_UINT}) 
public procedure DrawTexture(atom tex,atom x,atom y,atom r,atom g,atom b,atom a) 
end procedure 
	shimLoadTexture             = define_c_proc( ray, "+shimLoadTexture", C_STRING & C_POINTER ), 
	shimLoadTextureFromImage    = define_c_proc( ray, "+shimLoadTextureFromImage", C_IMAGE & C_POINTER ), 
public function gLoadTexture( sequence filename ) 
	atom texture = allocate_data( SIZEOF_TEXTURE2D, TRUE ) 
	mem_set( texture, NULL, SIZEOF_TEXTURE2D ) 
	c_proc( shimLoadTexture, {allocate_string(filename,TRUE),texture} ) 
	atom id      = peek4u( texture + Texture2D_id ) 
	atom width   = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_width ) 
	atom height  = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_height ) 
	atom mipmaps = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_mipmaps ) 
	atom format  = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_format ) 
	return {id,width,height,mipmaps,format} 
end function 
public function gLoadTextureFromImage( sequence image ) 
	atom data    = image[IMAGE_DATA] 
	atom width   = image[IMAGE_WIDTH] 
	atom height  = image[IMAGE_HEIGHT] 
	atom mipmaps = image[IMAGE_MIPMAPS] 
	atom format  = image[IMAGE_FORMAT] 
	atom texture = allocate_data( SIZEOF_TEXTURE2D, TRUE ) 
	mem_set( texture, NULL, SIZEOF_TEXTURE2D ) 
	c_proc( shimLoadTextureFromImage, {data,width,height,mipmaps,format,texture} ) 
	atom id = peek4u( texture + Texture2D_id ) 
	width   = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_width ) 
	height  = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_height ) 
	mipmaps = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_mipmaps ) 
	format  = peek4s( texture + Texture2D_format ) 
	return {id,width,height,mipmaps,format} 
end function 

Now the problem is, I don't know how to display the image using DrawTexture?

without warning 
include std/machine.e 
include std/convert.e 
include Euraylib.ew 
--include raylibshim.e 
constant width = 800 
constant height = 450 
atom black = bytes_to_int({0,0,0,0}) 
atom white = bytes_to_int({255,255,255,255}) 
atom yello = bytes_to_int({255,255,0,255}) 
InitWindow(width,height,"Simple Texture") 
gLoadTextureFromImage("raylib_logo.png") --this works fine. 
while not WindowShouldClose() do 
	DrawText("This is Texture",1,1,20,yello) 
    DrawTexture(1,50,50,0,0,0,0) --not sure how to load display the texture 
end while 
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