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For your First Language

Why start with a hard to learn, slow, conventional language? They may be "popular" but they are not good for you.

Simplify and add Lightness make learning and using oE and Phix much easier.

The fundamental concepts found in oE and Phix apply to all programming--none of your learning effort will be wasted.

Sorry, programming with atoms and sequences will spoil you.

If You Know a Language Already

If you know some programming ideas like "value", "variable", "if statement", "for loop", "print", "operator", "function", ... , then you are ready to program in oE or Phix.

Simplify and add Lightness delivered because atom (any single value) and sequence (any list of values) make learning and using oE and Phix much easier. Operators and functions are generic to numbers, text, and mixed data. Learn to work with one kind of data and you ready to work with any kinds of data.

Syntax is uniform and predictable--no surprises.

Development is a pleasure--debug, trace, profile your programs; interpret code for rapid development; compile code for performance and easy distribution.

Performance is enviable--oE and Phix interpreters are faster than those in common languages.

We have been modest up till now. Time to let the world know the truth. _tom

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