Original date:2019-06-29 06:50:23 Edited by: AndyDrummond Subject: Second monitor re-insertion

On the same theme as my previous post, I have a problem in that if I run my program with no second monitor plugged in, and then plug it in, I have to restart the program for the second monitor to display. I can detect the presence of the monitor being plugged in, and I re-read the screen width and second monitor parameters (which are held in a file..) and re-set the window on the extended desktop area, but the second monitor just shows the Windows extended desktop with taskbar etc. My window doesn't appear at all.

If I restart my program, then fine, all is hunky-dory again.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the program to gain access to the second monitor once it is plugged in? It seems to be a general thing with Euphoria programs and maybe with others too. I have made a very small program which shows the problem too, so it seems inherent in the program state from its invocation from Windows when the monitor is absent.

Any ideas? All these second-monitor aspects I want to put together into a small library for the last few Windows and Win32Lib users still around to use!


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