Original date:2019-04-12 12:58:19 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Portable Eu System

You really should learn to use {{{}}}. All those CamelCase "links" in your post point to non-existent pages here on
I couldn't find "BionicPup64" on, I had to google to find out it is just the latest release of Puppy and that only links to (345MB) anyway.

irv said...

I've been trying different distros lately. I've found one which can be easily installed on a thumb drive, along with Euphoria 4.1 and EuGTK, for a quick booting, very fast and rather complete system.

This is BionicPup64 ( is one source)

Eu 4.1 is most easily installed via the .deb package here: and EuGTK 4.15 from

To get the GtkSourceView and GtkWebView libraries used by a few of the fancier demos (e.g. the BEAR), use the package manager and search for libgtksourceview-3 and libwebkit2gtk-4.

Did I mention fast? EuGTK programs run instantly.

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