Original date:2019-02-04 08:47:02 Edited by: Bhupen1277 Subject: Re: Version and GUI for 2 byte characters

_tom said...
Bhupen1277 said...

Thanx agian. I am getting close. Can I run the whole thing from a 32 GB USB? - Mint and Euphoria 4.1 and EuGTK and some simple programs with GUI?


  • download a distribution; about 320 MB
  • download the development module to get C compiler

Porteus will run nicely from a USB. You can even run the entire Linux from ram.

The "Mate" version is a good starting point.

The development module is needed before you can install a deb (seems it contains the needed dependencies).

My next project will be to learn how to create an iso with everything pre-installed (but not quite soon).


I can do what Irv say. And I also do what you say..... OK?

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